Welcome to Nomadic Wellness Australia

“Where life starts, the past is forgotten and a Natural Lifestyle begins”

Nomadic Wellness Australia was conceived sitting on a beach in the glorious Whitsunday, The main idea came about pondering how easy it would be to just drive away and make a natural lifestyle of simplicity travelling, exploring while inspiring others to be creative and inspired within their own lives. So we set about planning how we could make it possible. What we have planned and are doing for ourselves might not be every ones cup of tea but that is our question to you, can you simplify your life, can you do without those must haves and live with the essentials?

We are people with simple needs and big dreams, whilst believing that a simple natural lifestyle exists, it’s within this simplicity that we discover ourselves, and our purpose, allowing us to really see what is out there. Our purpose is to aid people in their quest to find stillness, your calm and inner sanctuary. As part of this duty, Nomadic Wellness was born and the Life Grounding Massage system of treating people was developed for the greater health of all. Enjoy your experience.

The Journey of 1000km begins with a single step

Follow us and see how we have achieved this natural lifestyle.